Roy's Talks and Presentations

I am periodically called upon to make a presentation about the Web in general, or about one of my tools, or about an ongoing project, etc. This web contains the slides from some of those talks. Unfortunately, they may not make much sense without the adjoining dialogue, and I haven't included some of the slides I made by cut-n-paste from non-electronic sources.

All slides are copyright © 1996-2000 Roy T. Fielding.

ApacheCon 2000, 09 March 2000

The Workshop on Internet-scale Technology (TWIST 99), 19 Aug 1999

Apache Talk (longer version of ApacheCon talk), 26 Oct 1998

ApacheCon`98, 16 Oct 1998

Research Talk, 28 May 1998

UC Irvine Social Sciences World-Wide Web Seminar, 02 May 1997

IRUS SETT Symposium on WIRED: World Wide Web and the Internet, 17 May 1996

CSS`96 California Software Symposium, 17 April 1996

IRUS Bay Area Roundtable, 12 January 1996

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